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I hired Creative Carl, but fired Bumbling Bernie..

Yeah it happens. As an employer, the process of hiring creatives is an event all in itself. Personalities range from the highly strung ambitious barista to the seemingly slightly intoxicated creative savant who seems like the perfect fit for a lengthy contract position as a mural artist in LA.

Sure you go through the typical interview process of reviewing resumes, scanning portfolios, scheduling calls, and meeting in-person, but self doubt still makes its way in the door. That annoying voice makes it way around the corner uttering all kinds of absurdity..

‘Like what?’, may you ask. These question keep employers up at night sipping on pounds of caffeine through a straw lol..

  • Is this person the right fit and sociable?
  • Will they skip town if a better opportunity arises?
  • I really like this candidate, but what if their pay requirement is out of our range?
  • I wonder what past employers thought about him/her?
  • Can they commit to the proposed schedule?
  • Have they ever worked with a diverse and creative community?

Ok, so let’s breakdown what a bad hire actually costs employers on average:

1.Time spent hiring activities - this can be significant as on-boarding new employees takes on multiple steps and potentially a number of staff members.

Here’s the formula:

  • Pam in HR spends 30 hours per week conducting recruitment and hiring activities
  • Pam’s hourly rate of pay = $30

It’s costing the company $900 per week to find the right candidate and by months end can nearly total $4000K.

Conclusion: Your time is too valuable - you need the right tool to make the right hire.

2. Cost of Recruitment Advertising - marketing your open role is important and identifying the right avenues to do so is crucial. Let’s look at an example of what a 30 day period (based on job board subscription time frames) when advertising your job post:


  •        30 day Job board advertising rate = $250
  •        Open positions: 2
  •        Total cost: $500 for the month

Conclusion: Make sure your candidates are pre-screened to target by location, skills, employment type, etc.

If you’re an employer lowering these costs is what matters most cuz why would you continue to use the same old stuff to get a better result, aka, the right hire. Between Gigs Jobs is the most affordable and time efficient platform when making deep assessments about candidates with video intros, chat with applicants instantly, review a pre-screened candidate list, leave feedback & reviews, and track applicants on a simple dashboard.

Have any questions or looking for fresh creative candidates? Drop us a line anytime at:

Click here to provide us a few details and we look forward to working together!

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